Sutezolid and Tablets are now available


We are happy to announce that the manufacturing of Sutezolid API and tablets for this study is now complete. Aurum and Sequella worked with the TB Alliance for the trial’s Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (CMC) work package. We would like to thank Professor Robert Wallis (Aurum), Dr Carol Nacy (Sequella), Dr Melvin Spigelman (TB Alliance), Dr Kathleen Schostack (TB Alliance) and all panTB-HM consortium members for their expert guidance through this process. Completing the CMC process is a huge milestone that paves the way for all clinical activities. The consortium is now working on shipping the tablets from the manufacturer to the recruiting sites in South Africa, Tanzania, and Mozambique. We have partnered with Pharma Logistics SA (now a part of Oximio) for all drug logistics for the trial.

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